The Universal Golf Club is an adjustable golf club made to the highest standards from the highest quality materials.

Welcome to Universal Golf Clubs the home of high-quality adjustable golf clubs.

Whether you are a long-time dedicated golfer or someone who likes to shoot a few holes now and then, the Universal Adjustable Club is for you..

Enjoy playing golf without the heavy equipment. Walk off the front of the tees, just like the pros. Play the round with one adjustable golf club that changes the loft, lie and putter face quick and easy.

Our product range includes:
  • 36" steel shaft adjustable head (left or right hand)
  • 38" steel shaft adjustable head (left or right hand) PHOTO
  • 38" steel travel (collapsible) shaft adjustable head(left or right hand) PHOTO
  • 38" graphite shaft (left or right hand) adjustable head
The Universal Adjustable Golf Club has a 1 year warranty period. The warranty covers manufacturing defects. All parts are covered except the rubber grip. Note: Purchase receipts from a Universal Golf Club current certified dealer must be shown as proof of purchase to validate any warranty claim.

The Universal Club is set to provide the correct loft and lie angles for each club selected. The oversized head provides for a larger sweet spot area. A Stainless Steel locking lever locks the head solid and is hidden at address. All of these features and still at D-2 Swing-weight!.




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